7 actions to make you feel more fulfilled

Fulfilled individual

If you are already doing great, let me be the cheerleader that motivates your further. If you are not already doing well, you have come in good time to read this post. In the below, I invite you to take 7 concrete actions that will make you feel more fulfilled in the coming week, month and year.

I invite you…

  1. To open your eyes, when you have been “blinded” – because you adapt too quickly to circumstances and forget what your initial purpose was. Remember when you opened your phone to write a note and ended up checking your friends’ photos on Facebook? Remember when you felt so comfortable in the status quo that you stopped seeking progress? Remember when you got lost in other people’s criticism of you and forgot your own real potential? Be mindful whenever you are “blinded” and try to use other senses to get different perspectives. (Here another related article about leadership’s eyesight).
  2. To say yes to new opportunities – because good things happen thereafter. If you always do the same, you can only expect the same results. When was the last time you did something for the first time? See if you can try something new this week, or this month or this year.
  3. To self-assess – because it can fuel your progress. Only when you are aware of your real circumstances, can you improve. Self-assessment can also help you identify your weaknesses and understand where you might need help. This feedback comes much softer and easier than critics from any other well-intended person. You cannot hurt yourself too much, because you love yourself, and you know your own limits.
  4. To write – because great ideas come when you dedicate special time to thinking. Putting down your thoughts makes them clearer. Feel free to adjust the way your process your thinking. If you are visual, feel free to draw. If you prefer audio or kinaesthetic, sing out or dance to your thoughts. People around you are always talking to you and expressing their thoughts, but you should also be able to hear from yourself. Turn your own volume up, so that you can hear yourself more clearly.
  5. To take care of yourself – because if you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and sleep well, you will feel good about yourself. Always remember that you are the most important individual to be taken care of. If you are unwell, you cannot do well to society. Please save the world’s healthcare expenses and instead contribute with your health and energy. Prevention is more efficient than cure.
  6. To find flow at work – because you will feel happier and be more productive. If you have a certain rhythm, find your rhythm; maybe you work best with 20-minute Pomodoro intervals, or maybe you work intensely and prefer to have undisturbed concentration for an entire morning. If you have a topic of preference, have more of it. Get rid of other tasks as quickly as possible.
  7. To fulfil your own promises – because you deserve to be honoured. Whatever you promised yourself to do, do it. Put it in your to-do list, in your calendar and mark it as a priority. Remember that you always have a relationship with yourself. If trust is the basis of all relationships, you must do everything that is necessary to maintain the trust you have towards yourself. I committed myself to write a blog post this weekend, and this post is its fulfilment. Now, it is your turn.

With the advice of these nourishing acts, I wish you a great start of the week and lots of pleasure and growth in the next few months.

If you have any experience to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below.