Find inspiration in magazines

magazines02A highlighter in my right hand and a magazine on my left. This is not the typical scene you would expect to see on a Saturday afternoon in a crowded airport. Yet there I was trying to study the magazine that had cost me 110 HKD. I wouldn’t have bought this magazine, had I not learnt to appreciate this type of publication. I learnt that the images in a magazine stimulate me and give me a rest when I get tired of reading words. I learnt that magazines show multiple perspectives and portray a variety of topics. I learnt that I can find inspiration and insights in its lecture.

Back at home, after the arrival of my 12-hour flight, I pull out all the magazines that had been sent to me and those that I did not finish reading: they are a lot! I send a picture to my friend and she says that I have more magazines than what stores have for sale. I laugh at the fact that her comment might even be real.

Magazines provide inspiration and energy. They leave me thinking, flipping and thinking. They are the best competitors and companions to books. Above all, they are fun to read. The content is quick and easily digestible. They are like snacks for our mind. Their pages nourish thought and arouse emotion despite their conciseness and brevity. Perhaps this post, too, is an attempt thereof: to invite for reflection and exploration in less than 300 words.