50 ways to be happier and more effective at work

Being happy at workThe former head of sales at Clueda AG, said that it is always easy to know where I was: Where there is smile, laugh or positive energy, there I am.

The former CEO of CMC Consulting AG said that he never hired someone as quick and effective as I was.

Here are 50 things I have learnt to do and do regularly to keep myself happy and effective.

  1. Taking a pulse of the mood of the people you are working with
  2. Finding someone supportive in the company
  3. Finding someone with the required experience when you don’t have it
  4. Listening to everyone, from the secretary to the head of sales, from the new employee to the head of engineering
  5. Putting fear aside and accepting rejections as part of the normal process
  6. Doing quality work even if it means throwing away your own work and restarting
  7. Looking back to the past for useful value
  8. Working alone to push efficiency and working together to spark new ideas and collaboration
  9. Talking to customers and understanding them
  10. Listening to complains and improving things immediately
  11. Believing in yourself regardless of others’ opinion
  12. Treating everyone with respect
  13. Keeping your promises or not making them
  14. Thinking outside of your own perspective and your own organization
  15. Being friendly to colleagues and supporting new ones
  16. Writing down the reached agreements and commitments
  17. Organizing e-mails and documents appropriately
  18. Finishing a day with a “To-Do list for tomorrow”
  19. Seeking accomplishments, even if they are small to celebrate and/or remember regularly
  20. Savoring the activities you enjoy most and doing more of them
  21. Taking initiative and redefining the purpose of the job
  22. Talking about non-work related issues once in a while
  23. Noticing colleagues’ excitement and enthusiasm and joining them
  24. Helping colleagues’ accomplish their jobs
  25. Holding informal psychological sessions with people who need emotional support at work
  26. Making the team’s goal clear and concrete
  27. “Stealing” from more knowledgeable people and improving your work
  28. Accepting challenges and working through them until solving them
  29. Starting work early in the morning
  30. Being yourself; really just yourself
  31. Learning something new every day; reading about the industry or talking to senior people
  32. Moving around the office once in a while
  33. Finishing all tasks as quickly as possible, not waiting until the deadline
  34. Discussing with people separately before a big meeting
  35. Discussing an idea you have with others; they might agree with you
  36. Doing pre-mortems and post-mortems
  37. Making proposals consistently; some will get through
  38. Smiling, laughing, bringing positive energy
  39. Concentrating on tasks such that you forget all your other problems
  40. Imitating your colleagues’ best practices
  41. Writing down your thoughts and feelings when you have no one to talk to; few people really care about your problems
  42. Contacting different people to increase your chances that you are going to get a meeting with someone
  43. Measuring your own effort instead of the outcome; the latter will most likely be in proportion to the former
  44. Reminding yourself that all effort is worthwhile when you are working towards worthwhile goals
  45. Following-up on ideas, projects, people
  46. Moving forward quickly when reality pushes you back
  47. Trusting that “things will shape themselves”
  48. Following your instinct and learning to understand it
  49. Thanking all the people who have supported you
  50. Thinking creatively and trying out new things

Let me know whether this list was helpful and feel free to share what you do to keep yourself happy and effective at work on the comments below.