What you need to go on


Photo by Jan Tik via Flickr

Are bad news or circumstances turning you down? We all have these moments and we all need something to push us through these hard times. The fact that you are reading this blog post tells me that you are a strong person who either admits having these situations and/or wants to achieve more in life.

In a previous blog article, Reflections on Success, I talked about how success is often just a step way from the difficulties we encounter. We know we need persistence to push through. Indeed if we didn’t, our previous effort could turn out to be in vain, as I explained in: No Stop until the Objective. The question, however, is how can we go on? What do we need?

1. A strong desire

Our heart plays a vital role in decisions of all sorts.

Our feelings decide in the end how we are going to act. If we have a strong desire to do something, no outside circumstances can stop us from pursuing it. The only question lies on how intense our desire is. It is the powerful feeling we have inside our heart, almost burning that will fuel us to take the next actions. The stronger our desire is, the more likely we will push through. It’s the same feeling we had when we were kids and tried to get what we wanted, e.g. an ice cream. Even if mom and dad refused, we would insist because we profoundly wanted it.

Our job is to not only wish but also desire and decide that our dreams will come true. You should always remember to Do whatever you want to do because you only got one life time. I love how Steve Jobs formulated it:

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. – Steve Jobs

2. A firm belief

If the first component is related to the heart, the second cannot escape the mind.

You must be certain not only that you want the result, but also that it will come true. Imagine if a president said: “We can probably reduce unemployment “ or if a CEO said: “We will be profitable with a 40% chance”. You have to be utterly certain that you will reach your goals.

Sometimes present circumstances try to demolish this belief. It is easy to be overtaken by the present, but time flow is part of the process and the present is just a small part of the entire scene. If we looked behind the obstacles, we would see that a new paradise is awaiting us.

I often hear people say that changes go too slow and that they are losing hope, but if changes were quick, we would probably be going downhill. Going upwards requires more strength and time than going downwards. You are probably already aware of this fact unless you only and always take the elevator.

Sometimes our own decisions have taken us to uncomfortable circumstances. Our mind might be invaded with self-critic and feelings of frustration instead of focusing on a positive belief. It is precisely in these moments, that we should have No Regret. We should, instead, learn from these experiences and move quickly to the next phase life has prepared for us.

If you encounter problems, be firm in your belief. The results are just on their way. If progress is slow, you know you are going uphills. If an earthquake comes, let it shake your desk, your bed, your books, but don’t let it shake your firm belief that your goal will come true.

3. Some loyal supporters

If the first two aspects concern ourselves, the third one necessarily refers to others.

We need people who remain with us and support us despite hard times. While help from other people is always important, they become indispensable when we are in trouble. Any support is of help: financial, technical or just emotional. We sometimes just need to hear someone tell us that there is another way; that when nothing goes right, we should go left.

When we stop and stand still, we need someone to push us from the back to move forward. On the other hand, we can also push other people a step further. Sometimes a small action can make a big difference in someone’s life. Do you remember when was the last time someone helped you go on in your life?

A strong desire, a firm belief and some loyal supporters will help you go on. Next time you look at yourself, you will be amazed at how far you have gone. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with others. This might be precisely the support they need to go on with their own lives.