No regret

regret photoHow many times have you felt bad about a decision? I did certainly complain some of decisions I have made. Yet now I realize that’s the wrong approach.

Often it helps when someone points out the bright side resulting from your decision that you may be ignoring. Those words feel as wonderful as a cup of hot chocolate in a snowy winter. Without those positive thoughts our mind might blame us and not leave us in peace for a long time.

After experiencing some of these negative emotions we might even be afraid of making decisions. The question then becomes: what if it goes wrong? We then hesitate more and struggle to decide. As someone out there had already pointed out “cide” from decide is similar to “cide” from e.g. suicide. It involves indeed killing some alternatives.

Taking decisions therefore requires a certain degree of confidence and determination. Regretting our bad decisions not only doesn’t help resolve the situation at all, but rather affects the confidence we have in ourselves when making further decisions.
Why then regret when it is of no use? Better smile, decide better the next time and simply move on.

Photo by Jason A. Howie

  • Great post, I always say there are no right or wrong decisions, just make a decision and give it your best to make it work, regrets are deadly poison, it may take a while, but you have to learn quickly how to let go of them before they do permanent damage.

  • MAS

    I like what you’ve written regarding regret and how it hinders you… its true, but its very hard to let go of your past mistakes. They say you should learn from them but there comes a tip over point when each failure just adds up and you watch others around you excel over the course of many years… I wish it was as easy as you’ve written in the paragraph “Why then regret when it is of no use?” but the mind does not let go sadly

    • You are right that the mind sometimes does not let go easily, but that’s because we have not trained it well enough. You say that in the end you watch others around you excel, but realize that no one can escape failure. Do you think someone in this planet could always succeed without failing? I don’t think so. If you see their success, it’s often the best illustration of the result from moving on despite past mistakes.