Cease the dispute

disagreement photoThere are enemies in the world and there are disputes among friends. Yet it is essential to learn to collaborate.

Fire and water are enemies by nature. It is well known that they cannot coexist, e.g. when a fire starts, firefighters use water to extinguish it. However, even these two elements need to collaborate when they want to achieve a common goal. For instance, if we want to boil water, we need both fire and water. In this case, they need to cooperate rather than fight against each other.

Sometimes many people work towards a same objective but disagreements arise about the way the final product should be distributed. The result is often that none of them gets what he/she wants but rather loses what they had available. This consequence is illustrated by the fable about the hunters. After two hunters shoot down an animal, they started to dispute on how much each should have. During their intense dispute, however, an eagle took the loot away.

In short, we should learn to cooperate with others (even with those that are not our friends) so that we can achieve more together and accomplish our objectives.

Photo by Mark Dumont