Do whatever you want to do

determination photoI have once heard someone say that he would rather regret for what he has done than for what he did not do. That attitude impressed me and called my attention to watch out opportunities and act whenever possible.

Today I read a quote by Sidney J. Harris and found the marvelous explanation for why we should always choose to act than to vacillate.

Regret for the things you did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things you did not do that is inconsolable.

Do all the things you want to do. There is only one life and you won’t ever want to regret for the things you did not do.

Photo by pfala

  • You are so right! Whilst fear can be debilitating, it’s so worthwhile pushing through and doing what you really truely know to be your dream,x

    • Yes Fiona. It’s absolutely worthwhile! 🙂 It might feel uneasy at the beginning but the rewards are much greater at a later time.

  • And stop making excuses for NOT pursuing something you think you might like doing. I see people do that way too much.

    • You are right Angie. It might be fear that’s stopping them. Otherwise how could anyone make excuses for something they themselves want to do?