How to praise the perfectionist

perfectionist photoThere are many types of personalities. One of them is perfectionism. People with this personality want everything to be perfect, focus on small details and set very high standards.

We have heard that people like to hear praises. This point is often emphasized in books and articles. They claim that praising is a good way to gain friendships or leave a good impression. Should we also apply this recommendation with perfectionists?

The answer is yes, but care must be taken! If you say: “Wow, your hairstyle is so beautiful!”, the perfectionist might think: “He/She’s crazy”. The perfectionist sets for him/herself such high standards that he/she might not be able to interpret the praise correctly.

Instead if the praise goes something like this: “Your hairstyle has never been really nice, but today it looks awesome!”, the perfectionist will feel completely flattered.

As we can see, praising someone also depends on the personality of the counterpart. How she/he will react will define the effectiveness of a praise. Praising is another art that we should discover gradually in our lives.

Photo by LaVladina