The power of words

words photoIt all depends on what we say. If we choose the correct words and describe our actions in a positive way, we are rewarded for it. To the contrary, if we are not careful with our words, the results can be disappointing.

The same action or object can be perceived as good or bad depending on the way we describe it. Some days ago, I made a terrible mistake of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. In fact that day, I had accomplished a huge amount of tasks and I was very enthusiastic to continue doing so in the next day. I uttered those words with the hope of communicating my eagerness to continue working hardly the next day. Who would expect that the results would have been the opposite? My counterpart seems to have understood that phrase as procrastination. What? After having done so much in a single day and with such a great enthusiasm, I created the false image that I was leaving a task for another day? Sure… It was my mistake. I expressed myself incorrectly. I should not have used those words; they were clearly the wrong ones.

How we talk and what words we use are decisive factors for the perception of people. That is why marketing can be so effective. People’s perception can be changed through the way a thing is presented. Marketing is about presenting things in the best light possible. We should do the same for ourselves and be careful about how we express our thoughts. It is not an easy task, but hopefully with practice we can become skillful enough to let people know what we are really worth!