Good stress

stress photoStress, as anything in life, cannot only be bad. In fact, it is just like a coin that has two sides and each has its own name. One is called eustress and the other is called distress.

In Latin, “dis” means bad, and “eu” means good (just like in the word euphoria). Therefore, distress refers to the negative stress while eustress refers to the positive one. It is the kind of stress we need in our life because it assists our body and soul to get to better conditions.

There is a lot of stress in life, but we don’t want to run away from it; we just want to avoid the negative ones.

What are your sources of eustress?

  • Interesting. Usually when I think of stress I think of things that are hideous and meant to be avoided. This “eustress” never really occurred to me.

    Laughter and going to the park with the brats (and sliding down the big slide :p) are probably two of my biggest sources of “eustress”.