Importance of the last impression

impression photoPlenty of emphasis has been put on the importance of the first impression. Any article talking about human relationships, interviews, important meetings, etc. highlight that the first impression is decisive for the perception we give to theĀ counterpart. Indeed, it is essential as there is no second opportunity to make a first impression.

However, another important moment has often been neglected: the last one. The so called Von Restorff effect is certainly not as widely know as the first impression effect. However, the impact is no less. Hedwig Von Restorff (German physician / psychologist) proved that the last item on a list has a long-lasting effect. Last impressions are thus as memorable as first ones.

A bad end could ruin the great effort put in the first few seconds; it can pale the positive effects of a good beginning. Let it not be so. Beware of the last impression you are leaving people with and end every interaction on a good note.

  • Thank you for articulating this! We would propose that the last impression is even more important than the first! In most first impressions the intent is to offer your best self, how admirable when people also want to be their best at the end, especially if the end is not universally desireable!

    • Thanks for your comment! Indeed we are already expecting a good impression from everyone, that the value is much less than if we end with an unexpected great final impression that can make people remember us better and for a longer time.