Life is a history of choices

choices photoWe constantly make choices in our life. Our resources are limited and whenever we make a certain decision, we incur in opportunity costs, i.e. alternative possibilities that we could have taken. For instance, I chose to write this article and you decided to read it. We both made a choice and resigned to watch TV or play a video game in this time period.

At any moment, we are always gaining and losing something at the same time. It follows therefore that the most important thing is to chose well and define a specific objective so that even if we lost much, at least we would be relieved to know that we are fighting for those objectives and dreams that are truly important to us. Without clear objectives, loses would be much greater.

When opportunities come, we need to act quickly; otherwise we might lose it, because opportunities always come and go by swiftly. Remember not to hesitate. Whenever there is any potentiality, it is better to act, because as we all know:

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.