reading photoSome people complain that life is too busy and that there is no enough time to read. These excuses can undoubtedly arise more frequently in some countries than in others. When I was in South America, I realized that people read very little. Even when they where given the opportunity to read, they would often not take profit of it. To the contrary, there seems to be a much higher level of consciousness in Europe. I can see people reading everywhere, either while waiting for a bus or on their way to the office.

Here in WordPress, there are also plenty of good readers. With a little amount of exploration, I even found several blogs focused solely on books. See and for example.

All those people with reading habits are certainly good examples for all of us. Indeed, reading is what we should do on a daily basis, because a person’s heart is like the soil; it needs to be irrigated by wisdom. It needs the support of new energy and it needs to be enlightened by a new spark. And often reading is a very good way to achieve these purposes.