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asking photoA key quality of kids is to ask questions. They always question everything they see and try to search for answers. That is perhaps the reason why children can learn so quickly. They are always actively seeking out responses about everything that surrounds them.

We should keep on asking questions once we grow up. It’s not that after reaching a certain age, we know everything and do not need to question anything else. If as kids, there were thousands of things that we did not know, there are thousands of things that we still do not know. Or could you prove the contrary? Could you write a limited list of things and ensure that those are the only things you don’t know?

Asking questions helps us to continue learning in our daily lives, but that’s only one of the multiple benefits. As it appears on an article on Business Insider, it is also a way of creating chemistry with other people.

“…if the CEO is standing next to you at a company picnic, and you’re a new hire with absolutely nothing to offer him in the way of snappy repartee, look him in the eye and ask him a nonwork-related question such as, ‘What’s your favorite restaurant in this town?”

This example shows that asking a question is a good way to start a conversation as it gives the counterpart a chance to speak (and of course, everybody likes to talk about him/herself!).

In addition, empirical research has confirmed the benefits of asking questions. According to a study cited by Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar, asking questions was one of the key characteristics that differentiated the best from the good professionals graduated from Harvard Business School.

With so many advantages, there is no excuse to not start questioning. What do you think?

Photo by rodaniel

Photo by rodaniel

  • Tatiana Shi

    Yeah,but when you figure it out by your self (the second option),it is like looking up in the dictionary. Yes, your right but if that person know a little bit more than him/her when you ask that person you can learn and the person you are helping will learn too.

  • Tatiana Shi

    Yes you are right. But you don`t think that went you are learning a new language the teacher will ask you “Do you have a question? if you have one ask me” So that tells you something.And when you want to ask your mom and dad ,especially your dad will tell you:”LOOK UP IN THE DICTIONARY”.

    • It’s great to ask questions and I know you have lots of them, but it’s important to see to who you are going to ask it. You have two options: either you ask yourself and try to figure out by yourself or you ask someone else. If you choose the second option, be careful to ask the right question at the right time! If someone is really busy, it’s better not to disturb him/her 😉