Reflections on success

success photoThe cycle of success appears to be similar to that of anything we do in life. It has a beginning, a process and ends as a result.

Success has a beginning just like other things in life. We need to start and try. Even those things that seem to have no hope at all might result in success after a bold try.

During the process, we will be achieving small successes and we will be presented with two alternatives. Either to be satisfied with the small results or to strive for greater achievements. Sometimes we need to resist the temptation of small profits to pursue even better results.

When difficulties come in the process, we often wonder when we will succeed. We sometimes succumb in the hopelessness, but that’s precisely when success is not far away. Other times we are so busy that we cannot see the success coming. However, it’s precisely when we are inmersed in the busy activities of the present and do not have time to think about the past, when success is not far away.

Above all, it’s important to remember that whatever we do, if we do it with passion, success will come, because success is a consequence rather than a goal.

“Le succès est une conséquence et non un but.” Gustave Flaubert