Standing makes people more creative

standing photoIn office, we often sit for more than 8 hours a day. We know that sitting so long is harmful for our health. People say it contributes to the accumulation of belly fat and research has also shown that it increases the risk of getting heart diseases.

A solution to these problems might be to stand up! Those who stand more at work train their core muscles, especially those on the stomach and the back , reduce the risk of diabetes and thrombosis , and increase their life expectancy.

If that is not enough, a study by psychologist Frank Fischer from LMU Munich shows that standing can help people come up with better thoughts. In their empirical studies, they showed that the people that remained stood had 24% more ideas than those that remained seated.

So the next time we want to get more creative at work, we should try getting up!

Wer öfter im Job steht, kommt auf kreativere Gedanken – Karrierebibel

  • Standing also makes people more succinct in meetings. i’m a big believer in stand-up meetings. Thanks for visiting my little corner!

  • Hmnn…my creative moments like to appear on morning walks or waiting for the soap to rinse off in the shower. There is the least competition for my brain’s limited logic circuits at those times, perhaps and maybe blood flow is premium then.

    On the other hand, maybe the experimenter has a relative who is a podiatrist in need of business. We seem to need to peer behind every curtain these days, not only the ones our leaders tell us not to notice…

    • Well thought! Indeed each person has his/her own moments of creativity and it is much more important to know when these are than to abide by the results of an experiment.
      As you say, an experiment can also be influenced by lots of other factors. However, while the results of any research do not explain 100 per cent of the cases and they do not claim such an ability, often they are not so far from the truth. Therefore, for those that still haven’t found their way to creativity, getting to know the results of the research experiments might be a good start and a excellent source of inspiration!

  • Finally an excuse, and a reason, to pace! Great idea!

  • KD

    Wow finally confirmation of what I felt. I always feel that I can be more productive and generate better ideas when I am standing, pacing, or partially sitting in a stool. Very interesting!