Advantages of women

women photoSurveys conducted in the United States and France have shown that women-led businesses are not only more profitable but also more dynamic.

The left and right hemisphere of the brain are specialized in different functions. While the left hemisphere governs abstract thinking, the right hemisphere is in charge of image and movement related activities. Most men have a well developed left hemisphere, while most women have a well developed right hemisphere. Men’s professional careers tend to be related to abstract thinking while women’s tend to be related to images.

Some people distinguish between high-tech and high emotion professions and consider that men are more suitable for the former and women are more suited to the latter. This is not unreasonable. Women’s natural instincts, comprehensiveness, flexibility and coordination are incomparable advantages over men and in this sense women are more suitable for business and entrepreneurship (especially in the service sector). This gender characteristic will as a result create more entrepreneurial opportunities for women than for men.

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