M&A: Uber China – Didi

Mergers and AcquisitionsDidi is one of the first Apps I installed when I came to China for my latest project. Since then, it has hit news headlines with increased frequency. This week, the acquisition of Uber China by Didi has been a major highlight across the media. Uber China has handed over its assets, including brands, data and operations, to Didi in return for a 17.7% stake in the combined company equity. Read more →

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Reflections on Great Leadership

Reflections on great leadershipI have learnt what great leadership is through the real life example of a fantastic project lead I have had.

Her leadership style was goddess type. Knowledgeable about all work streams and each of the small content/process details, she led the team very smoothly into splendid operations. Whenever our team had an inquiry, she would respond, and always in a prompt manner. Her replies would be well-thought and magnificently crafted. She would even consider eventualities, and act as a shield that protected us from potential mistakes. The final team result under her leadership would be as a wonder from nature, made to admire.

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Lights and shades of life

Grey skyWater is pouring in a small human-constructed fountain in the middle of a square I traverse to go home. It feels relaxing to hear the clash of the water with the base; some water drops splash over the floor. The sun is hidden, the sky is grey, but the water is clear and energetic.

People say eyes are the door to our soul, but I think eyes are also the doors through which our soul nourishes itself. There are things we ought to see, like the water fountain on the street.

Sometimes it is easier to notice that the sky is grey, and that all is depressing, but if one were to look around, one would see the water flowing calmly following the laws of nature and the little white flowers that are growing on the paths of the streets.

My father, who is one of the most famous people in Bolivia, at least inside our family, often said that it is a Chinese thing to not think in extremes, to prefer moderation and to not see things in absolute. That reminds me of the Yin-Yang graph (with which people often confuse me). Where there is good, there is evil; and where is evil is also good.

I like to interpret it as: It’s never too bad nor too good. Read more →