The backstage of an investor presentation

Backstage start-up pitchIt was a sunny day and we just finished a one-hour meeting with a potential investor. We shake hands and everybody goes back home or back to business. One has the impression that the show started when the meeting room’s door was closed after coffee had been served and now that we reopened the door and the guests put a foot aside, it seemed as if the show has come to an end. Curtains close. Thank you for your attention.

Yet reality does not allow us to draw clear boundaries nor distinguish well defined beginnings and endings. You and I, as human beings, are great at creating all sorts of categories and we like to characterise things into black or white, good or bad, but in reality, an infinite range of options exist in between. The same happens with the beginning and the ending of an investor presentation. The start and the end of this exceptional show were never marked by the meeting room’s door, which by itself had never had anything special, except for the meaning we bestowed it.

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A day in my life

urban modern city business lifeToday I am talking about a day because our life is formed by days. As we examine a cell to better understand organisms, we can also examine a day to better understand our lives. This is also one of the frequent questions I get asked by friends, families and strangers and one of the classical questions career seekers have in their question list. And here I am writing the answer so that I can perhaps send people to read this article the next time I get the question again. Read more →

The Andes and Life

Andes mountainsThe Andes, with its 7,000 km length, is the world’s longest above-ground mountain chain stretching from north to south through seven countries in South America, along the west coast of the continent: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

The sheer beauty of this natural formation lies not only in its imposing extension nor its “brand” as one of the most remarkable landscape features in South America, but also in the deep secrets it embodied through the years. As it holds rocks and earth tight and strong, so does it hold lessons we could all profit taking from. Read more →

The invisible oil in business

Losing TrustIf we think of business as a machine, we can think in terms of its physical infrastructure and its processes. Problems might emerge in both of these fronts. In the first case, the complication could be, e.g. the dysfunction of a division. We could detect this kind of problems with relative ease and we can put more of our attention into fixing them, replacing them or getting rid of them. In the second case where an issue in the process occurs, the problem might not be immediately visible to our eyes, yet it could be equally damaging and affect the ultimate output.

We have thus to be aware of and pay particular attention to process matters. Among the most important ones is related to trust. Trust is like the oil that ensures the proper function of a machine. As food is to health, so is trust to business: essential for the long term survival. Read more →