Communication: What did you just say?

Communication processThe communication we all need” is one of the most popular posts on my blog.

In the following, I will expound additional ideas about the most interesting human art and the most effective lubricant for all interpersonal interactions.

“Communication is the transporter of success.” – Alexander Christiani

The hidden faces of communication


We might think communication is about the stories the neighbour related us on a sunny morning or the rumours we unintentionally overheard. We might also think that communication is about the sounds produced by the vocal cords and/or the nasal cavity. And indeed, we are actually not far.

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Times of uncertainty

Uncertainty And ConfusionThe world does not disappear when you close your eyes. The illusion that everything will remain the same is at best temporary. When you open your eyes, the world presents itself with a new appearance and from different lights.

Uncertainty can be the suspense that we experience in terror movies. Perhaps it is the cracking sound of a wooden door in an old mansion when you are alone, or perhaps it is the fear that a dead body might rise up in the middle of a storm while you are lost in an unknown land. We do not need to seek out for such movies if we enjoy uncertainty, for it has come to be an ineffaceable part of our lives.

It is useless to ignore uncertainty and as a result also fruitless to evade it. In Chinese culture, Yin-Yang (be aware that my name is Ying Ying and not the same as Yin) states the duality of things. There is no absolute good nor bad. While change can be interpreted as threat, it also conceals opportunities. The Chinese word crisis is an example of this philosophy: Besides the character danger, is the character for opportunity.

In a prior post about the dream model, I included uncertainty as an epsilon in the mathematical equation. In this article, I want to explore the uncertainty and the perception thereof from the perspective of people, organizations and regions.

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Business Partnerships: The Process

Close-up of business people handshaking on background of modern buildingWhen we think about the multitude of players in the market, we tend to think about competition. This would however imply that we are the only ones pursuing our goals. If we slightly changed our mindset, we would realise that we are not alone in our pursuit. Competition can indeed be very healthy, especially because it motivates us to be the best we can and to do the best we should, however, having business partners can help us achieve our objectives much quicker.

Evaluating business partners can be somewhat similar to evaluating a M&A transaction. Ideally there is something beneficial for both parties and they are somehow complementary, either in product or client base.

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Understanding employee turnover

Fired businessmanInnovation does not only occur in products or processes; it can also be reflected in names and titles. Most people have probably never heard of “Chief Organization Manager” which is the title I currently bear at Clueda AG. Some people get confused when reading this title.

First, this title is very broadly defined and includes a diversity of functions. The wide range of functions is particularly noticeable given that I work in a start-up and not in a big organisation with clearly defined roles.
Second, this position indeed includes some HR functions (as I have been asked before), even if my current focus is on business strategy planning.

People make companies real. They are like the blood of an organization. Individuals become exceptionally important in a start-up. I am thrilled to be involved in one of the most interesting aspects of management: talent management. Inspired on this part of my role, I previously wrote Does the candidate fit with the team? which views talent management from a inflow perspective, i.e. hiring or the selection of a new team member. In this post, I want to turn the attention to the other end of the spectrum: i.e. the leaving of an existing team member.

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Using emotions the right way

Using emotions the right way

What I have learnt in life and business is that success is all about how to achieve what you want with what you have. You might get a job, buy a ring, collect dividends if you have a good CV, some money and certain stocks. The things you have and how you use them enable you to get what you want.

What we all have are emotions and we have them at any moment in time. I do not merely refer to those expressed through our body language and which form part of our communication, but rather to the energy flow per se. Energy can be manifested in all kinds of shapes and forms. In a previous article, I wrote about the energy of leading managers. In this post I am going to talk about emotions.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”  ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


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