Understanding employee turnover

Fired businessmanInnovation does not only occur in products or processes; it can also be reflected in names and titles. Most people have probably never heard of “Chief Organization Manager” which is the title I currently bear at Clueda AG. Some people get confused when reading this title.

First, this title is very broadly defined and includes a diversity of functions. The wide range of functions is particularly noticeable given that I work in a start-up and not in a big organisation with clearly defined roles.
Second, this position indeed includes some HR functions (as I have been asked before), even if my current focus is on business strategy planning.

People make companies real. They are like the blood of an organization. Individuals become exceptionally important in a start-up. I am thrilled to be involved in one of the most interesting aspects of management: talent management. Inspired on this part of my role, I previously wrote Does the candidate fit with the team? which views talent management from a inflow perspective, i.e. hiring or the selection of a new team member. In this post, I want to turn the attention to the other end of the spectrum: i.e. the leaving of an existing team member.

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Using emotions the right way

Using emotions the right way

What I have learnt in life and business is that success is all about how to achieve what you want with what you have. You might get a job, buy a ring, collect dividends if you have a good CV, some money and certain stocks. The things you have and how you use them enable you to get what you want.

What we all have are emotions and we have them at any moment in time. I do not merely refer to those expressed through our body language and which form part of our communication, but rather to the energy flow per se. Energy can be manifested in all kinds of shapes and forms. In a previous article, I wrote about the energy of leading managers. In this post I am going to talk about emotions.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”  ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


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3 love inspired business principles

Loved inspired business principlesWhile there is a lot of discussion about whether to keep private life and work separate and great suggestions are available about how to separate them, there are also areas where we would benefit from considering them as a unified entity.

I do not refer to the merging of work and life, but rather point out to the fact that lots of principles and experiences we gain from love can equally be applied to business.

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The communication we all need

The communication we all needLike nuclear weapon, communication is extremely powerful. When used appropriately, we can motivate thousands and millions of people. When used inappropriately, we may hurt someone for a lifetime.

The importance of communication has made it one of the most fundamental tools anyone and in particular leaders need to master in order to achieve their goals and also the topic of today’s post.

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Does the candidate fit with the team?

Image of businesswoman connecting elements of white puzzleWhile efficiently allocating resources is a major concern for economists, effectively selecting talents is a major concern for both managers and human resources.

Everything on earth has a value – even if it does not have a price (e.g. air) or is apparently not useful (e.g. garbage) – when put in the right place. Everyone in the universe has his/her unique value – even if he/she has not yet completely uncovered it – when assigned to the right team.

Puzzles illustrate this point vividly. If the shape of a piece does not fit its surrounding pieces, it does not mean that it has no value, rather that it has been misplaced. Value depends on the circumstances and the degree of fit.

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